Time and time again we see heavy oily, and breakout prone skin types avoid moisturiser when in reality, they really need it!

We know that adding a moisturiser to your routine can be unsettling which is why Light As A Feather is here to bring the hydration, without the congestion. Think of it more like a lotion, than a moisturiser.

Our oil-free, light-weight lotion/moisturiser is formulated to reduce oil shine and reduce the frequency of breakouts, Lightweight and blended with natural antioxidants, this hydrating skin essential will change the way you feel about moisturisers.

Derma Energy Light As A Feather 60ml

SKU: 897983
    • An oil-free formulation to support breakout-prone skin types
    • Designed with oily skin types in mind thanks to shine reducing actives
    • Will help to mattify the skin throughout the day
    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Delivers essential hydration to balance oil flow and prevent future breakouts