As we age we lose our fat pads in the chin area. Dermal fillers can be used to replace these fat pads and add to a more youthful appearance.


Some clients also suffer from a ‘jowled’ look or indentions on either side of the chin, commonly known as the prejowl sulcus. Dermal fillers can correct these imperfections, simply by injecting into the areas of the chin to improve the shape and forward protrusion of the chin. 


This type of treatment can have lasting results from 6-18 months, depending on the density of the filler used.


Dermal Fillers are products that are designed to contour, create volume, fill lines and hydrate the skin. The results are immediate. Our Registered Nurses/Doctors will choose the right dermal filler for the depth of your problem area.

Our dermal fillers are also suitable for the treatment of lips, facial lines, wrinkles and facial folds. 

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